1 Chronicles 1-2

So, I am now reading from three books at the same time.  The generally accepted date of authorship for the Psalms is similar to that for the Deuteronomic History, it appears to me.  Chronicles, although classically consider to be connected to Ezra & Nehemiah, may actually have been written much later, according to the introductory commentary in the New Interpreter’s Bible from the 1990s I’m reading.

This is all a way of saying that I don’t get anything more from the several chapters of genealogy that open Chronicles than I do from the Psalms.  They do list the Canaanite ancestry, which I used to see as being honest about a checkered past (in the eyes of the Israelites, I’m not dissing any Canaanites).  But, I’ve since read that this was important to explain the presence of Canaanite descendants in Israel in light of the tradition that they, you know, killed them all.  🙁 

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