1 Chronicles 26-29; Psalm 127 (end 1 Chronicles)

Psalm 127 is a special passage to some.  It contains within it Solomon’s (at least that’s the annotation in my NIV Bible) that children are like arrows in a warrior’s quiver and you are blessed to have a Quiverfull of them.  This is the key passage for the Quiverfull MovementSee also Idiocracy.

We get into more lists, beginning with the gatekeepers.  It is interesting the idea that not only does the leader’s role pass down via lineage, but so do gatekeepers and worship leaders (a millers and smiths and bakers etc. I suppose)

Finally, we end 1 Chronicles with a description of how to build the temple.  Not a detailed description.  Just the fact that David passed things off to Solomon.  And, even though God has chosen Solomon, he can’t do it alone.  Everyone was happy to bring, gold, silver, iron, lots of wood, etc. to build the Temple.  A successful capital campaign kick off.

David dies having reigned a long time, succeeded by his son.

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