1 Sam. 25-27; Ps. 17, 35, 54, 63

Our civil war seems to come to a cease fire when David has the opportunity to kill Saul in his sleep but chooses not to, them makes Saul aware of it.  David retires to Philistine territory where he and his 600 men conduct raids on Israel’s enemies.

Before that we can David’s marriage to Abigail.  She is the widow of a guy who refused to feed David’s army and was generally a jerk.  The dude died of a heart attack, and David married his widow–like you do.

Oh yeah, and Samuel dies.

Psalm 17 – plea for help from God
Psalm 35 – how great is God for rescuing me; also he rescues the poor; also, Awake God and help me
Psalm 54 – a short little plea for help
Psalm 63 – “Oh God, you are my God,” and “my soul thirsts for you.”

The stories of David & Saul really are interesting to read.  In the encounter with Saul above, he again admits that he has sinned–something Saul does often–and starts referring to David as his son.  Seriously, abuser behavior.  Sort of interesting to read in an ancient text.

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