2 Kings 12-13; 2 Chronicles 24

The demise of God’s kingdom continues.  In today’s reading, that is.  There is a significant bright spot in which Joash, who takes the throne at 7, restores the temple.  But even he does completely right the ship of state but allows the corrupting non-YHWH worship to continue.  So, he has to pay off the king of Syria/Aram with basically all the gold.  He’s then murdered by his ministers.

Chronicles’ account actually provides some extra details.  For example, it connects his turn toward evil with the death of his wise priest.  When that priest’s son tries to step into the role of prophet, Joash has the man killed, and per Chronicles, that is the reason Joash’s ministers rise against him.

Although I like the account of a worker driven economy–the Bible makes it clear that the taxes collected to restore the temple were immediately put to use by paying the workers–the rest of this stuff get tiring.  Good King, Bad King, Bad King, Good King who then turns Bad at the end . . .   Pretty monotonous.

Is the trick to break a pattern?  Is the trick to recognize it will just take a lot of trial and error to get that perfect king?  Is the trick to just recognize and accept there will be good kings and bad kings?

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