Abortion Is Not Murder

And none of the Republican candidates think so.

Question, if a mother takes her six month old child to a doctor, and the doctor carries out her wish to kill that child, who should be punished for this, and what penalty should that person receive.

Answer, they are both guilty of murder. They should be sentenced to life in prison or put to death in accordance with the laws of the state in which this action occurred.

Does anyone disagree with that answer? Would any candidate answer any differently?


I’ve written before that it is ridiculous to claim that life begins at the point of birth. In fact, I’ve noted that the whole idea that life begins at a single point is wrong. And I find it very frustrating when liberals and abortion rights activists act like this is not a difficult question.

However, I’ve grown equally intolerant of the claim that abortion is murder. Even politicians courting the votes of a party that has made criminalizing abortion a top priority since the 1980’s can’t bring themselves to take that notion one step beyond a slogan. People may believe abortion is wrong. They do not believe it is murder.

Am I wrong?

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Didn’t we discuss this earlier in another entry? The only people who believe that life begins at conception are those who are bombing abortion clinics. I would bomb infanticidal clinics if they were killing three year-olds.

I would not be surprised if we have, but this response from the debates just struck me. (It happened to be one of the few questions I watched.)

Like when creationists misconstrue the Bible, and evolutionist falsely compare the current theory of evolution with the certainty of the law of gravity; I can’t help but reiterate my frustration at the silly arguments designed to distract people from legitimate conversation.

The Republican debates scare me on a lot of levels. A little bit ago we had one where three candidates, including new front-runnerish Huckabee said they didn’t believe in evolution.

Didn’t believe in it. Like it was a passage from the Q’uran, not the consensus opinion of all scientists everywhere.

I have made my peace with the idea that most political candidates are going to profess a belief in God, and go to church, and even make statements like, “Jesus is my greatest political hero.” I have a very hard time finding peace with a major candidate who will allow a childish, failed reading of his own religious documents to get in the way of his understanding of the one institution that has allowed us to crawl out of the mire of 30 year lifespans and 75% infant mortality rates.

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