ASU oppresses the White Man!

A radical anti-affirmative action organization has released a study with the following shocking finding: Black students are 1100 times more likely to be admitted to the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law that white males. You can download the study here.

Now, this seems weird because I went to ASU. I recently astounded a colleague when I determined the number of Black students in my law school class by naming them. So, I looked at the study. Interesting, 5% of the students are Black. Doesn’t sound like a huge advantage to being Black. But wait for it. 5% of the applicants were also Black. But what about the White students? 74% of the applicants and 74% of the student admitted. Weird. Seems like an exactly equal probability of admission.

Well, here’s the discrepancy, check out the following charts

See, it’s actually a White student with the same “credentials” as a Black student has an 1100:1 chance of getting in. Hmm. First off, they used LSAT and GPA in their calculation. The “background” component was residency. But the fact upon which they based their conclusion was that 232 of the 3,591 White students rejected by ASU had GPAs & LSATs higher than the median GPA & LSAT of the Black students that were admitted.

So, 93.5% of the White applicants who were rejected from ASU Law had either a lower GPA or a lower LSAT than the median of the Black students admitted. But what about the 7.5% who had higher scores than the median score of the Black students? Surely some of them simply had less interesting backgrounds, which is a componenet in a law school admission.

But, it is clear that Black students are typically admitted with lower GPAs & LSATs than Whites, even though only 7.5% of those rejected have better scores in both. I think law is a field where it is particularly important that all people be represented.

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