Birthday or Deathday?

Today is August 18. That is Dad’s birthday. Mom and I decided earlier this year,on the second anniversary of his death actually, that we should start celebrating his life on his birthday. We already had our White Castles and Tab this year. You don’t want to consume these products so often that they lose the “special” character. But, I think next year we’ll do it on 8/18.

Here are some Dad links though.

On my blog.

Ball State Interview

Ash Scattering Road Trip Videos 1, 2, 3

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Well, besides demonstrating that adherents of intelligent design are sort of tactless in prompting blog hits, this comment did suggest to me that intelligent design is evolving into criticism of the current versions of evolutionary theory. I studied physics and am generally offended when biologists compare their soft science to the truth that is physics. E.g., the theory of evolution is not as certain as the theory of gravity. I suspect the theories of evolution will be vastly different in 1000 years. To the extent intelligent design disciples point this out, fine.

To the extent they employ the tactic of "God explains everything we can't explain," uh, not fine. That's a really stupid place to put God, since it puts God in a necessarily shrinking place.

1. Wow: is it two years already. I agree with the birthday being more fun to celebrate than the anniversary.

2. The intelligent design is auto spam. They have bots that auto script these things. I just delete them.

White Castle can never lose it's specialness.

Tab, on the other hand, never had any to begin with.

The one and only Tab I ever had was at your dad's service in Indiana. It was notable for not being as bad as its reputation.


@Shadowfax, so the autobots can defeat the little enter the characters thing? That sucks.

@Matt, re: Tab, that is some expectation management for you. It really speaks to how bad Tab's reputation is.

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