Busy, busy, busy

I like to write a post or two over the weekend since pointed out to me that you can schedule posts to go up mid week. No such luck this weekend. On Saturday the kids and I went shopping for performance clothes. After returning home, and minutes before the violin recital, we discovered that Kate has no dress shoes. So she wore a pair of her mother’s, which did not really fit at all. Saturday night was spent writing the PowerPoint for church and memorizing my Isaiah scripture. Sunday, the kids did a neat little drama with some other kids to open the 9:00 a.m. service and I did the Isaiah scripture in between running the PowerPoint. I taught the 5-11 year-olds for Sunday school, then repeat the same routine from the 9 am on the 11 am. While at the 11 am service I got an email reminder that Matt and I were doing a podcast with the author of A Secret of the Universe, Stephen L. Gibson. So, I prepared for that in the afternoon and recorded it from 5-6:30 or so. (Past podcasts from Gibson available here.) A less than restful weekend, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

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