Careless Reaction to Histories

Folks, my professional obligations are interferring with the time I have to reflect on my readings, particularly bonus reflections like this that cover whole Biblical genres. So here’s what I think about 1 Samuel through Esther:

~ I like the variety of situations
~ I think some of the story telling is compelling and thought provoking
~ I like reading about God’s people forming a nation under God
~ I like that we don’t have the same pressure of “do it this way” that there is in Leviticus et al.

* I think much of it is difficult to relate to: i.e., the reduced value of individual children & women; the lack of familiarity with other cultures of the time.
* I rarely find myself uplifted or inspired by this tales (cf. the passion, the resurrection, even the nativity)

Ultimately, I think there contain important references for Jesus’ ministry, they are full of stories on which other writers of western civilization rely, and I’m glad to be able to talk to my pastor about how do we survive this time of exodus. Now to catch my bus!

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