Conflation of God Models

Mrs. Schroedinger to Mr. Schroedinger: What the hell did you do to the cat?
It looks half dead!

See, cats can’t really be half dead and half alive, no matter what we learn about subatomic “particle” behavior and quantum mechanics. This is a playful confusion of the the two models of the physical world. We do see less playful and more harmful confusions in the form of pseudo-science. My friend Matt tells me that as soon as someone refers to quantum mechanics while describing behavior or personality or macroscopic physical experiences you know you are about to hear some garbage.

Liam sent me this wonderful “legal pleading” on behalf of Adam and Eve and all of Humanity, that playfully weaves in an out of Paul’s God of “eternal power” and the God of Genesis 1 and the God of the Adam and Eve story. Enjoy.

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