Consequences of Hard Heartedness

Where is the balance between being principled and being realistic? When have you compromised out of respect for others, and when have you just compromised your values? These are the real politics questions that keep me up at night. I felt that Democrats through the Bush administration were to quick to compromise. They accommodated secret courts and warrantless wiretaps. Meanwhile, the right-wing extremists had a death grip on their party. They pushed their perversion of the Scripture into public policy. They demanded that their values and only their values be recognized as legitimate. They viciously attacked any who fell out of line. Most recently, even the Chairman of the RNC had to apologize to their master, Rush Limbaugh, for not showing him adequate respect.

I sort of always wondered, “Maybe we should be more that way. Maybe lefties should say we will leave the party if you don’t have a Department of Peace.” Or whatever.

Today the Republican Party is being punished for allowing the extremist to have such control. Arlen Specter is becoming a Democrat. He could not win in a Republican primary because of the reasons stated above. And if he accommodated these people, he would lose in the general election. I wonder how many other Republican moderates are seeing similar writing on the wall?

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Thanks for this insightful post. I share your frustration with the slow progress of the progressive movement, but I would guard against sinking to the level of ultra-con tactics. Can you see the irony of using threats to force establishment of a Department of Peace?

Part of the teaching of peacebuilding is that, although bullying, intimidation, and force can help you achieve your goals quickly, the results rarely last beyond the application of said force. Nonviolent techniques can take longer, but the results are longer lasting and have wider support.

Good luck with your efforts!

Violence B. Gawn

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