The Containment Solution

A second option is to cut these scriptures out of the Bible. We can decide that these scriptures don’t apply to us. First off, the most extreme example of this is to declare that the Bible does not have authority. This is true of non-Christians, but I submit there could be Christians who would hold this position. Being Christian means following Jesus, and one can do that through what one has inherited through the church tradition. As a Protestant from the revivalist movement, I sort of forget that sometimes.

Next, and more what I’m thinking of on this topic, is deciding not to acknowledge certain section of scripture. You can’t just ignore the Old Testament, for example. Jesus depended on the Law & the Prophets, and made it clear he came to complete not abolish the law. (Well, or more properly the Gospel author’s report he made that clear.) The OT also has many important stories in it. It has the 10 commandments. Finally, the New Testament has plenty of the same stuff we want to get rid of.

Perhaps certain portions of the Bible are too old. Perhaps they were only intended to apply to the Hebrews or to the Church at Corinth. The real problem here is having integrity. It is hardly a solution to say, “Well, obviously slavery is wrong, so scriptures accommodating slavery are inapplicable.” That means you get no guidance from the Bible at all, which presumably those who employ this sub-answer C are trying to avoid.

A friend has suggested giving less authority to cultural components of the scripture. This is significantly more subtle than just ignoring the bits you don’t like. Love your enemies, isn’t cultural, while don’t get divorced is. What about give to the poor, though?

The containment solution is what I have employed most of my life. I make the words of Jesus in the Gospels as the only thing I have to follow. I don’t know that I’m so uncomfortable with that, but it isn’t easy to defend. I am worried about integrity, and it is hard to jive with Jesus’ words mentioned above. Also, it means you lose any benefit from giant swaths of scripture.


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