Day 23 (Abandoment)

I have decided to succumb to the temptation to find common themes despite the fact, it is clear the readings were selected based on the order they come in the Bible and chopping them up in to manageable chunks. Today I read March 8-10 in the One Year Bible.

In Numbers we have examples of God being angry about people complaining and collapsing under the pressure of wandering in the desert. God reacts with (1) fire on the outskirts of camp (11:1-3), (2) giving the people meat that made them sick (11:20, 31-34), (3) giving Miriam leprosy (12:10), and after people believe the 10 lying spies, God causes the Israelites to suffer forty years wandering in the desert (14:34). Link to fuller text.

In Mark, we have the second version of the disciples falling away. Judas betrays Jesus to the authorities, his closest disciples cannot keep watch with him, the disciples scatter–except Peter, who remains to deny him three times before the cock crows. Link to fuller text.

Question: What does it mean that God is hurt when humans turn away from God? Is this purely anger over disobedience, or is there a component of God feeling betrayed by those with whom God made a covenant?

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