Day 25 (Prayers or Songs)

In an exchange with my friend Matt, I realized that I have not been saying much (anything?) about the Psalms and Proverbs that accompany each reading. I’ve been reading them, but I admit my analytical self is more drawn to the narratives.

As a child I was taught that the Psalms are like songs. I get that. The occasional Selah clues one in that these were recited in groups and used in worship. However, they strike me more as prayers. As personal requests words to God Almighty. It is a neat feature of our sacred texts to have these. They, like the rest of the Hebrew Testament, are brutally honest. Sometimes asking God to smash the heads of our enemies, sometimes asking God why he abandoned us, sometimes thanking God for not abandoning us, or smashing the heads of our enemies.

I would be interested to hear from those who find the Psalms to be helpful or important about how they use the verses.

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