Day 33 (Preparation)

I read yesterday, but didn’t get to post until today, so I’m still okay.

[My reaction to April 10-12 readings in the One Year Bible]

As we begin the Book of Joshua, the Israelites are going to cross the Jordan river and start waging war by destroying Jericho. God tells Joshua to be courageous and strong. Most importantly obey the laws.

In Luke, Jesus has made his move out of Galilee and is headed toward Jerusalem. He will, not coincidentally, also cross the Jordan at Jericho before turning toward Jerusalem. On the one hand, that avoids Samaria, one the other hand there is some obvious symbolism. His statement of courage is a bit more bleak than that of Joshua. Basically, he says, “Where else can a prophet be killed but in Jerusalem.” Does this means he must die; or does it mean he must carry his message to all of Israel, and if that means dying he accepts it?

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