Day 34 (Hard Lessons)

[My reaction to the April 13-15 readings of the One Year Bible]

While Joshua is putting wholes cities to the sword including women and children, I’m going to focus on Luke. I will say that the theme that comes out of Joshua is that obedience to God, and therefore the law, is supreme. Even if you have to stone your son to death, and even if you have to disregard typical customs such as not killing the leaders of opposing armies. Link.

Luke give a couple of passages that are easy, which is to say they directly affirm my world view. The kingdom of God is not some obvious event, but its coming is subtle, “the kingdom of God is within you,” and if rich people are not kind to the sick and the poor, then they go to hell. Link.

Of course, Luke also provides a very confusing parable about the dishonest manager and this passage that if you are predisposed to the idea sure sounds like it is talking about rapture.

As we would say in the legal profession, how can these passages be harmonized?

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