Day 35 (Caleb)

[My response to Apr. 16-18 readings from the One Year Bible]
Caleb is a popular name these days. Also, I have a cousin who just entered the Marine Corps who is named Caleb, and so I dedicate this post to him. Ooh rah, Caleb.

While Luke has Jesus healing blind men on his way through Jerico, en route to Jerusalem, the Book of Joshua is sort of tying up loose ends. Joshua is now an old man, and he and Caleb are together being remembered for being the two honest spies among the twelve. You will recall the other ten reported back to Moses that the land of Caanan was full of giants. Turns out there are giants there, but even advanced in age Caleb defeats them in the hills near Hebron. Then he gives his daughter a nice gift. Excerpts here.

Honest spy, giant killer and nice to his daugher. Not a bad guy.

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