Day 52 (Biblical Government)

[reaction to One Year Bible’s June 6-8 readings]

The Old Testament readings provide some insight into the Old Testament suggestion for government: Benevolent Dictator. The scripture includes some of the necessary structure. 1 Kings 4:1-15

The New Testament readings give its suggestion: Benevolent Communism. Indeed, they deal with some structural issues early on. Acts 4:32-36, 6:1-6.

Unfortunately, there was definitely “violence inherent in the system” for both systems. When Solomon takes over after David we are treated to a killing spree to consolidate power that would make the Sopranos proud. The early church relied on God to do their dirty work. 1 Kings 2:26-46, Acts 5:1-11.

As someone who has run a couple of stewardship campaigns (that’s church for pledge drive) I can tell you that pledge more or God will strike you down is a tool I’ve yet to employ.

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