Day 99 (High Priest Jesus)

[reaction to OYB’s Nov. 2-4 readings]

Let me begin with an interesting contrast between Ezekiel & Hebrews. In the middle of prophesies of doom, Ezekiel lays out some pretty clear guidance on the believer’s duty to help both the unbeliever and the backslider. By constrast, in Hebrews, the author believes there is no hope for one who has been in the faith and left it. Ez. 3:16-21; Heb. 6:4-6.

Maybe it is because I just discussed the Dickens’ book with my daughter last night, but chapter 8 of Ezekiel strikes me as A Christmas Carol meets Revelation.

The title of today’s post comes from Hebrews. Chapter 5, versus 1-10 claims that Jesus is specifically, “a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek,” quoting Psalm 110. Hebrews is thick with theology, and at this point, I cannot say whether this should be taken as a metaphor, like Good Shepherd, for example, or more literally.

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