Day Fifteen (New Shorter Remarks)

Comments on the readings for February 12-15 from the One Year Bible (NIV). I’m going to try to be shorter to encourage more responses.

Many of use remember that Moses shattered the first set of tablets on which the law was written (nothing suggests these tablets contained only the so-called ten commandemnts). In my reading for today, Moses brings down the new tablets, and for the first time the term “Ten Commandments” is used. It does not seem to refer to “Have no other god before me” through “Do not covert your neighbors ass.” Rather, the Ten Commandments include not intermarrying, keeping festival days and Sabath, etc. See for yourself here.

Finishing Matthew, we have more scripture that touches me. “My God, my God, why have your forsaken me,” is such a mournful cry, and one I recognize from the Psalms. That Jesus’ commitment to preaching the Gospel of truth and spirit was so great, he would not back down even in the face of such suffering is important to me.

Also, finishing Matthew we have fresh challenges when he recounts that dead people rose from the grave upon Christ’s death, and not once, but twice, denies the preposterous story that the disciples just took Jesus’ body in the night. Otherwise, Matthew ends with a clean resurrection story: no confusion about who the resurrected Jesus is, everyone meets at the rally point in Galilee, “I will be with you until the end of the age.” Nice.

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