Day Sixteen (New Perspectives)

February 15 through 18 in the One Year Bible includes the first five chapters of Leviticus and the beginning of Mark. It also begins the straight sayings part of Proverbs.

Briefly about Mark, it is really remarkable how much less concerned Mark is with proving that Jesus is the Hebrew Messiah of which the prophets spoke. Mark gets right down to business. No nativity. Not much detail. Also, fyi, Mark was the first gospel, possibly written before the destruction of the temple. Mark was my father’s favorite gospel. My father-in-law tells me it is written in very simplistic Greek, common Greek I think.

The laws in Leviticus struck me in a couple of ways. First off, there is a whole section about unintentional crimes, generally and then for a couple of specific classes. Also, the punishments are based on social standing, the higher the standing the harsher the punishment. It is very sophisticated. For example, leaders have harsher penalties for unintentional sins that people in general.

Also, it is striking that there is such accommodation for the poor. If you can’t sacrifice a bull, then you sacrifice goat. If you can’t do that, then pigeons. If you can’t afford that, then grain. The details are obviously uninteresting to me as a modern person, but the structure is much more sophisticated than I expected.

11:43 PM local. Just made it. (Actually, I finished reading much earlier.)

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