Deut. 11 (closing the opening)

The introduction to the Law closes out with a reminder about some of the people God has killed in spectacular ways for coming against God’s people: Pharaoh’s Army and the Reubenites who sided against Moses & Aaron.  For the first, YHWH swallowed them up with water, for the second YHWH swallowed them up with the ground. 

It then details how the Israelites must keep the laws and commandments at all times.  They should write them on their door posts and have signs on their foreheads.  But also, it should be written in their hearts and they should love God with their heart and soul and keep his commandments.

The notion that “a people” and “people” are transformed by God is one that persists today.  Furthermore, in my understanding of Judaism–and FWIW Islam–a major mechanism of that transformation is fidelity to walking in the way.  You can see the beginnings of saved by works or faith in this passage.

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