Deut. 14-16 (day 75)

We’re back to small ball, individual rules for a while now.  Right out of the gate we have an interesting translation choice.  En español: Eres hijo del Señor tu Dios.  But in English: You are the children of the Lord your God.  Not the same thing, IMHO.

In describing the tithe, Deuteronomy allows an exception for those living far from the temple to sell animals & crops and use the money for the tithe.  Probably a favorite scripture of certain money changers that will be featured prominently later.

Israel First: According to Deuteronomy, the Jubilee Year applies only to domestic debt.

The festivals are repeated.  Passover, Festival of Weeks, Festival of the Tabernacle.

Also, cooking a goat in its mother’s milk must be delicious.  Feels like it is prohibited as often as not consuming the blood of an animal.

Interesting note: I missed a Promised Land definition last reading, ” su territorio se extenderá desde el desierto hasta el monte Líbano, y desde el río Éufrates hasta el mar Mediterráneo”/”Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea.”  Deut. 11:24.

Finally, this is the seventy-fifth consecutive day of devotion for me.  I am thinking I might actually keep up the practice all year.

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