Deut. 24-27

This section closes out the laws with miscellaneous requirements and instructions on giving.

The selection contains some things I like, how to care for the poor and how to avoid excessive burden on a borrower, and some things I’m not found of, like how to throw away your wife if she is unpleasing to you.  For the most part, it gives insight into what was important to Israelites.

The admonitions regarding tithing and first fruits it gives the context that we still use today.  God has given you everything, you should give some back.

Then, we switch back to the curses and blessings as sort of the close out of the document.  This time with the people saying “Amen,” to each of the behaviors that will bring about a curse.  A service of blessings and curses seems unlikely to be popular in modern churches.  Although, I am reminded of Luke’s formulation of the Sermon on the Plain, which includes both Blessed are . . . and Woe to those . . .

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