Deut. 32-34 (the end) Ps. 91

Here we have the song of Moses.  It is longer than the song of Moses provided immediately following the crossing of the Jordan, and much longer that Miriam’s song.  Compare.  Describing the Lord as “My Rock and My Salvation” and as “My Refuge” are something I’ve come to hear often in churches today. The latter comes from Psalm 91 also.  Otherwise, Moses’ song has three point (1) God is Awesome, (2) the Israelites will sin and be punished, and (3) God will be there when they repent. 

We also have Moses’ blessings for the tribes of Israel.  Unlike Jacob’s blessings, Moses’ are all positive.  No memory about who defiled whose father’s bed or killed a bunch of people as revenge for their sister’s romance/rape.  The order of the tribes is interesting.  Reuben, Judah, Levi.  Okay, makes sense, but then skips to Benjamin then Joseph.  Kids of the wives, I suppose, but why Benjamin first.  then Zubulun (with Issachar as an after thought), Gad Dan, Naphtali and finally Asher.  Asher does get kind of a badass blessing, “the bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days.”  Feels kind of steampunk. 

Finally, the book of Deuteronomy closes.  You can practically hear the music swell as they bury Moses and mourn for him for thirty days.  Then the camera pans to Joshua who has been anointed by Moses.  Moses, the greatest Prophet Israel has ever known.  Now, it is time for a warrior. 

In reality, I’m about to start reading about lists of people who were killed, including women and children. 

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