Did Jesus Exist?

Dr. James McGrath blogs at Exploring the Matrix with is linked to on the right. He had a post today which is a round up of past posts on mythicism. Mythicism is the notion that Jesus is a character in a myth and not a historical figure. Myth is not necessarily intended to be derogatory, it just means a story that helps us understand our world. In fact, there is no reason no to attribute divine authoriship to myths.

In any case, McGrath compares thinks mythicists, like creationists, put forward lots of psuedo science and half-readings of primary sources to arrive at false conclusions. He is pretty thorough in his analysis, and it appears to be a pet topic.

I am not particularly interested in debunking the notion that Jesus was a character. But it is enjoyable to read someone with such intelligence and such resources address the topic.

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Hi, I am from Australia.

Please find two related references which give a completely understanding of the life and teaching of Saint Jesus of Galilee and the fabricated origins (plus political purposes) of the Bible.

Plus a radical critique of conventional religion via

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