Did Operation Rescue Murder Dr. Tiller?

Christian fanatics have a history of carrying out terrorist attacks in the United States. Here is a chart that catalogues the terrorist attacks between 1989 and 2004. They include murders and bombings. The Oklahoma City bombing was not related to the anti-choice element, but was a Christian fundamentalist attack on the United States.

The man in custody for murdering Dr. Tiller has connections with Operation Rescue, but we don’t know how significant they are or who at Operation Rescue ordered the hit. Obviously, with the history of terrorism from the Christian fanatics it is a threat to our national security if there is a surge in violence.

Question: Should we use enhanced interrogation techniques on the man in custody for murdering Dr. Tiller until he names names at Operation Rescue? If we did, is there any question that he would eventually name names?

Of course, torture works, which is to say torture makes the victim tell you what you want to hear, so, of course he would name names. It wouldn’t relate to whether Operation Rescue had anything to do with his crime, but he would give names.

Also, I wonder if it is unfair of me to lump all these attacks together like they are the same thing.

Also, I wonder if it is fair to paint all Christian fundamentalists with the same brush as the domestic terrorists.

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