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When is it right for one person to intentionally kill another person?

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Well, in addition to those, it is legal to intentionally kill a person who is the enemy in combat and executing a person when authorized by the state.

Of course, I was thinking about when is it right. Is it right to kill someone in self-defense? What about on the battlefield?

Maybe right is more expansive that legal: Is it right to end the suffering of a person who asks for it? Is it right to kill an abusive husband?

James’s approach has the virtue of consistency. I don’t think I agree, but his has given me permission to disagree with him on other occasions.

What Shadowfax said. Also, I would interpret imminent threat as more than someone is trying to shoot me. For example, if I’m in my home and someone tries to break in and I kill them, and later find they were armed only with the tools they were using to try and break in with, fine. Shouldn’t have tried to break in.

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