So, tonight started with a simple objective: Find out who really said, “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, in all things charity” (or in all things love as the Anglican priest I was talking to tonight put it.)

BTW, it appears to not just be a prominent slogan of the Restoration Movement and the Disciple Church, but the motto of the Moravian Church. I became familiar with it as the former and learned tonight about the latter. It appears that St. Augustine said it first, or something very similar. Then John Wesley and a bunch of other people I don’t recongize are attributed with saying it. Anyway, that was fine, but a little frustrating when you can get definitive answers for definitive questions online.

Here’s the problem though. There are just hordes of hateful Christians who lash out against this slogan. They are so full of hatred. There are so many of them. Of course, I realize it is just the internet. If you read the comments on just about any big blog you would think the world is full of hateful small minded morons. I don’t think it is a representative sample of the world or even the people who read those blogs. So, I should put any more credance in what I read from online Christians. But it is really tiring.

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