Fifteen Years

On December 12, 1992, Pat & I swore our love for each other, as they say, before God and everyone. We have seldom been accused of being sickeningly sweet with each other, but there is no doubt that Pat’s love has been the greatest single blessing in my quite blessed life. Reflecting back on the last fifteen years together brings a smile across my face that cannot sufficiently express the depth of joy and acceptance and pleasure and hope and excitement and pride and wonder behind it.

The grand love that Pat & I share often serves as a starting point for explaining faith. I have faith in God, not like I had faith in the existence of Santa Clause, but like I have faith in Pat. I am transformed by my faith in God the way I am transformed by my love for Pat and her love for me. And mostly, having it so good, has made me think the world is basically good. Even if that notion, like the idea that you could find someone when you were both twenty-one and spend the rest of your life together loving and caring about each other no matter what may come, is basically naive to the point of being embarrassing.

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Jim, Congrats to you and Pat. I was happily there 15 years ago. I can distinctly remember fumbling over tapping the keg with Matt at the reception until one of your Indiana relatives came to the rescue.

You guys are awesome. I love you both.

That was an impressive lesson, meeting that bus. Related was having to meet a liquor store delivery van on the side of the road because The Busload had surpassed even my most optimistic projections of alcohol consumption. And remember that those of us doing the estimation were college undergraduates.

They were great times.

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