Gen. 30-31 (gym class excuse)

Oy.  This is another set of tough reading for me.  Chapter 30 is two things.  I helpful list of the descendants of Jacob (spoiler alert: due to be renamed Israel) AND another episode of women are petty and conniving.  Then we learn about Jacob’s trickery against Laban.  Although he doesn’t demand payment to keep working, he comes up with a scheme about which goats & sheep will belong to Jacob.  Then Jacob using some pretty suspect animal husbandry techniques to swing things in his favor.  Gen. 30-27-43. 

Then, Jacob claims that God came to him in a dream to do it.  Gen. 31:6-9.  Not sure which is true.  They flea across a river, (sound familiar?) but Laban chases them down.  Mad in part because someone stole his house gods.  Turns out it was Rachel.  But quick thinking prevails when she uses her period as an excuse to avoid detection of her theft.  Gen. 31:35.  Seriously.

So, not sure what to get from all of that.

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