I would vote for a Mormon

I find stuff like this pretty frustrating. Some guy in a restaurant refused to shake Romney’s hand and said he would not vote for a Mormon.

Okay, a couple of things here. One, not voting for someone based on their religion is less ugly than not voting for them because of their race or gender. We do, after all, pick our religions. And two, as is the point of this blog, religion impacts ones politics.

So, if you are a progressive, it is cool to ask more questions of a person who belongs to a religion in which women are not treated as equals. Fine. But to come to a conclusion about an individual because of the religion he professes is wrong. Mit Romney is a good example. Until recently he was pro-choice despite being Mormon. Rudy is Roman Catholic, does that mean he’s against the death penalty? (I wish someone would ask him, then ask the Bishop if he can still take communion.)

Point is–this is obnoxious and everybody needs to stop it. Members of every faith have a variety of views. The way a person merges the tenets of his or her religion with his or her own personhood is always unique.

One reply on “I would vote for a Mormon”

At first, my reaction was “No, I would not vote for a Mormon.” The reasons were twofold — one, I remain uncomfortable with some of the teachings of their church, and two, their ideology tends to be closely aligned with the christian right and cultural conservative movement, which I oppose vehemently.

Then I thought about it for a minute. I realized that what I meant was that I would not vote for a ‘typical’ mormon, but they are not at all monolithic. I might have voted for 1994-Romney, who was quite socially liberal and not at all in line with the generic mormon dogma. And for that matter, I would cheerfully vote for Harry Reid.

So in the end, what it really boils down to is that I would not vote for a right-winger; and one’s religion does not necessarily define their ideology.

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