I’m for it.

The Case for Teaching the Bible. James begins a charter school this Fall, and one of his books is the Bible. I’m thrilled. I really believe it is legitimate to teach the Bible as literature because of its role in Western Literature. (It is listed as one of the Great Books by the society of the same name.) But I also think if more people knew what the Bible actually says, in context, we would have less trouble from fundamentalists. You cannot read the first two chapters of Genesis and still be both rational and a creationist.

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I suspected as much because you seem to be a pretty traditionalists Christian. Which is funny because you are no longer Christian. (I think, sorry if I’m wrong.) I have a friend who is a very strict Catholic except for the fact that he’s not Catholic. He is strongly atheist, but thought the DaVinci Code would “obviously upset you if you were a Catholic.” And you could tell that he wasn’t saying it purely as a factual statement. He did find it offensive on some level.

People are complicated.

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