Interior Secretary

This post is off topic because, while political in nature, it is really just about a guy I admire. I learned that Kevin Gover is on the list for Interior Secretary. I Professor Gover for Administrative Law at ASU. He was one of my favorite professors. He is intellectually honest–willing to explore ideas that contradict his own. He also has a big picture view of the administrative state the United States has become. Finally, his is a reserved demeanor like many of the other Obama nominees; something I’ve heard criticized. In this politico story, Representative Grijalva of Arizona suggests this is a reason Gover might not be up to the task.

I know nothing of Grijalva or the other front runner’s qualifications. But the image of a federal government full of level headed pragmatist, given to finding answers rather than grandstanding, is one I can live with.

Reminds me of this public service announcement from Obama.

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