Jesus Hates Obama?

Here is a link to the Jesus Hates Obama ad that Fox turned down for the superbowl. My reactions are as follows:

*I think it is funny that there would be any suggestion that Fox’s ad folks would be more or less likely to turn down an over the top ad than any other network. These decisions have biases, and some of those biases feel conservative, but I don’t think Fox would have more than ABC or CBS in their ad department.

*I think this is pretty clearly an example of where an “advertiser” designs an inflamatory ad with hopes that it will be rejected due to content and that it will, therefore, get a nice little bump in its profile without paying the astronomical costs of a superbowl ad.

*I don’t think anyone thinks Jesus hates Obama. I think it is as dumb to suggest this as it is to compare Republican healthcare lies to Nazi lies.

*I actually think the ad is kind of cute.

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