Job 21-23

“Con todo, no logran acallarme las tinieblas/Yet I am not silenced by the darkness.”  Job 23:17.

First, I just love this verse.  It kind of gave me chills and spoke to me the way holy books can do sometimes.

The back and forth does not exactly become more constructive, but Job has now made it clear that he is tired of arguing with people who don’t know his business.  Meanwhile, his friends move from saying generally that God punishes the wicked to you, Job, must have committed lots of sins.  We have a bit of foreshadowing as Job calls out God.  Job can’t find God, he says, but “El, en cambio, conoce mis caminos/But he knows the way that I take.”  Job 23:10.

Interesting Note: In the Spanish translation, Job 22:30 reads, “El salva al que es inocente,” but in English the same verse begins, “He will deliver even one who is not innocent.”  The Spanish translation offers a footnote providing an alternate translation, “El salva al que es culpable.”  Literally contradictory potential translations–although the English provision of “even” tries to fix it up.  Also, noteworthy that only the Spanish translators even indicate the decision that had to be made.

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