Job 35-37

“If you sin, how does that affect him? If your sins are many, what does that do to him?/Si pecas, ¿en qué afectas a Dios? Si multiplicas tus faltas, ¿en qué lo dañas?”  Job 35:6.

This is a pretty interesting theological question.  Frankly, I think it has the potential to entirely undermine the notion of supernatural theism.  It is one of several theological questions that I think are raised in Job.  I think the theme of co-creation that is present in the first chapters of Genesis makes sense with God’s being impacted by Job’s actions giving rise naturally to process theology.
What is kind of weird to me, now that we’ve heard from all of Job’s terrestrial opponents, is why has no one mentioned either the Adversary or God’s testing Job as explanations for Job’s suffering?  These would be two popular answers today.  Were then answer then, and are just omitted for theatrical purposes?  That certainly could be.  It would kind of ruin the story for someone to say, “Duh, God has obviously allowed the Satan to test you.  Hang in there, buddy; you’ll probably get everything back in some made up chapter at the end.”

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