The Bible presents the period leading up to the exile as one in which the people needed to change their ways as much as the kings.  Good kings come and go, likewise with bad kings.  But what is consistent, even with the good kings, is that the people continue to worship at the Asher poles.

Then there is Jonah.  In the story of Jonah, we are presented with the question: Would you be okay if the people changed?  He runs from his calling, but when he brings the message to Nineveh, he is successful.  And that is upsetting to him.  So the story also points out that the change is more dependent on the recipients of the message than the speaker.

I’m engaged in a course to develop authentic, soulful telling of our stories.  Many of the participants have a message that they are compelled to tell, but others are listening to find that message, or story.  I have a nagging notion, that maybe, perhaps, I have something to say to the society.  A society that I feel is not unlike the Divided Kingdom waiting for exile.

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