Josh. 1-4(the good stuff)

In the first chapter of Joshua, we start off with the Big Promised Land, from Mediterranean to the Euphrates.  Josh. 1:4; see also e.g. Deut. 11:24 We also get a big pep talk from the Trans Jordan tribes who are all in to help conquer the Little Promised Land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. 

Then we get into some great Bible stories.  Chapter 2 is about Rahab, the prostitute who hid the Israelite spies.  The Israelites promise not to forget her when they return since she was helpful to them.  Maybe we should call the movement to help Iraqis who served as translators the Rahab Project.  The story is well told with details about where the spies hid.  Also, like Balaam, Rahab seems to at least respect YHWH despite not being Israelite.

Chapter 3 and 4 deal with crossing the Jordan.  This time, it is the priests carrying the Arc of the Covenant that cause the waters to separate.  The author cannot help but remind us that this is very similar to when God parted the Red Sea.  Again, interesting description, like describing the water as “the water from upstream stopped flowing.  It piled up in a heap a great distance away at a town called Adam.”  Josh. 3:16. 

On our way to Jericho.

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