Josh. 12-15 (retrun of the Israelites)

So, Joshua’s time in the spotlight seems remarkably short.  We are already to essentially his epilogue.  This selection includes a listing of the kings they conquered, including Og, uno de los últimos refaítas (the Rephaites may be giants descended from the Nephilim).  The author is careful to give Moses credit for the east of Jordan conquests–respect.  Then there is a bit of listing: the 31 kings they conquered and the splitting up of territory.

This selection also sets up what is to come identifying particularly the Philistines as a people yet to conquer.  And there is a bit of action when 85-year-old Caleb goes to see his long-time brother in arms Joshua, and gets permission to kick the Anakites–the giants that Caleb & Joshua, unlike the other spies, were not afraid of–out of the Promised Land.

He does so, employing the time honored technique of promising his daughter in marriage to the man who conquers the last city.  His nephew does it and so he sends his daughter to marry her first cousin which everyone is perfectly cool with.  He even gives them some land in Negev and the upper and lower spring.  So . . .

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