Judges 13-15

This selection is the less known story of Samson.  It even closes with a “Samson led Israel for 20 years in the days of the Philistines.”

As with many of the folk tales, I feel like it is full of rich details worth exploring in discussion.  For example, Samson is from Judah, has a miraculous conception–his mother was sterile–and is dedicated to God as a Nazirite.  Israel, or perhaps specifically Judah, has an archetype for its saviors.

This passage includes riddles and mass slaughter and very confusing marital relationships.  It also has betrayal be a lover–who is not Delilah–and trickery that starts with Samson’s being bound.

Interesting note: It’s not clear from the text if the Delilah story is presented as a sequel, prequel or perhaps “a Samson Story”.  Jumping ahead, it closes with “he led Israel for 20 years.”  Presumably the same 20 as at the end of 15.

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