Judges 19-21(end of Judges/worse story in the Bible)

Today’s selection is the Levite’s concubine.  Probably the most horrific story in the Bible.  (Translational note, the same phrase translated as “her master” in NIV is translated as “su marido” in NVI, which is husband, a synonym for “esposo.”)

The concubine is unfaithful to the Levite and returns to her father’s home.  After a few months he goes to get her back, unclear what has changed.  Her father invites him to stay with him for longer and longer times.  Seems like an homage to Jacob’s experience with Leah & Rachel.  Eventually he heads out, passes on staying the night in the Jebusite city of Jerusalem, and stays in a Benjaminite city.

That city very closely replays the events of Sodom.  Perverts want to rape the Levite.  Instead, the old man with who he is staying offers his daughter and the Levite’s concubine.  It says the perverts don’t listen to this offer, but when the Levite sends out his concubine they rape her all night.

She dies at some point, but not until he disrespects her, yelling at her to get up when he discovers her laying on the doorstep of the house where he is staying.  After she dies–presumably–he cuts her into twelve pieces and sends them to the tribes of Israel.

Then then the tribes of Israel attack the city, reminiscent of this I learned about in Hard Core History, and the story ends with sanctioned kidnapping of Israelite girls by Benjaminites. 

What unholy hell is this story?   According to the author, this is all due to Israel not having a king.  I feel like they could do better even without a king.

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