Last Sermon for a While

I will be preaching on Father’s Day at another Disciple church in Mesa. This time at Mesa First Christian . 805 N Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201-4105.

The sermon is to focus on lessons my father taught me. I have an amazing relationship with both of my parents. I admire the tremendously and relish any opportunity to talk about them. For this sermon, I’ll be merging stories I’ve been telling for a long time that include my dad, with a very important spiritual note written by Watchman Nee: Sit, Walk, Stand.

The three parts stand for first sitting and accepting God’s grace. Then, powered by this recognition, live rightly, or put another way, walk the walk. Finally, with a foundation in God’s grace, practiced through good living, you are capable of standing up to evil.

I’m looking forward to bringing it together. Bill Jacobs asked me to do it a long time ago and I’ve had the chance to turn it over in my head and let it ferment a bit.

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