Lev. 1-4 (sacrifice, literally)

The split between Exodus and Leviticus, even as acknowledge in the introduction found in my NIV Bible, is pretty arbitrary.  Leviticus essentially keeps rolling with the law that was being given in Exodus.  And this first bit is about sacrifices.  Burnt offerings, grain offerings, fellowship offerings, and several different types of sin offerings.

I’m not going to pretend I get a lot out of this.  As far as the procedure, I will note that phrase, “Pondrá su mano sobre la cabeza de la víctima/You are to lay your hand on the head of the burnt offering,” is repeated through out the selection.  It reads to my like an interestingly intimate gesture.  Kind of like the difference between a farmer or hunters relationship to an animal and mine.  [Warning: Potential Projection of Modern Sentiment onto Ancient Writing.]

The only other thing is that if a priest sins the sin offering is greater, a bull, than if a member of the community sins, a goat or a lamb.  The only distinction between leaders & members is whether the goat is male (leader) or female, with the option of a lamb (member).  For full listing of what animals you should kill for your sins based on your station see Lev. 4.

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