Mark’s Ending: REAX

Sometimes I get really thoughtful comments to posts that have sort of scrolled off the page. I think it is a shame because folks might be interested in them but have no reason to monitor comments for such things. One example was recently added by James Snapp to my Mark’s Ending post.

I commend James’s comment to anyone interested in the history of the Bible. He provides a link to links that will let you look at pictures of ancient biblical texts and examines much of the source material that scholars use to come to their conclusions about authenticity.

It is also good reading if you have a new holy book that you claim to be less corrupted than the Christian bible (i.e. the Book of Mormon or the Koran) because it is pretty shocking how much filling in had to be employed to get that bound volume of letters and narratives some of us have on our shelves.

My biggest problem with James is that he is sometimes a Jr. and sometime a II, which makes me not trust him.

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