A Men’s Movement?

So, here is the statistic:

More than 80 percent of pink slips handed out since the recession began in December 2007 have gone to men, thanks to their disproportionate slice of jobs in hard-hit fields such as construction and manufacturing, according to government data.

What I wanted to write about is what a shame it is that there is such a stigma with men not being bread winners. I’ve known women who lost their jobs and decided that staying at home was what would ultimately be best for them and their families. Shouldn’t men have the same choice? Isn’t it a problem to raise our boys not to have such choices? I think that is true. And, although I know several men who have the primary responsibility for child care in their families, I think it is still stigmatized.

Unfortunately, the story also highlights how little women are paid. It demonstrates how families are generally really hurt because still the husband so often makes the larger income.

So, I walk away thinking that it would be better if my son’s life choices were as uninhibited as my daughter’s. But I also walk away shaking my head how dramatically unequal our society stil is: even in areas as basic as compensation.
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