More Relevant or More Palitable?

My pastor sent this to me.
It’s a pretty nice powerpoint that directs the viewer to focus on the goodness of life. It encourages the viewer to open his or her eyes and heart to the wondrous goodness in the world and to realize that the world is, for the most part a good place.

I like it.

It did call me back to the exchange about language. This presentation is free of insider language. Does that make it less religious? Less holy? It might. Goodness is not really a synonym for God. (Although, we have certainly used lesser metaphors.)

Christianity needs some Spring cleaning. We have crusty phrases and rotting ideas gunking up the system. I enjoy presentations like this because they respond to that. Of course, this requires us to examine what is essential. What are we trying to reveal by clearing away the dust and grime?

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