Most Democrats are wrong.

By a two-to-one margin (62% to 29%), Republicans say a president should use his or her faith to guide presidential decisions. By contrast, Democrats reject this idea by a similar two-to-one margin (58% to 32%).

Time Poll: Faith of the Candidates. First off, this is kind of like asking whether a president should use his socio-economic status to guide presidential decisions, or her family upbringing. If you have a faith, it will guide your decisions.

More significant to me is a discussion about what our faith guides us to do. I personally believe when people misinterpret the teachings of Jesus and end up keeping their greedy and hateful ways, the best solution is to correct their interpretation of Jesus’ teaching. Is that more difficult than convincing people to stop using their interpretations of Jesus’ teaching to guide their decisions? I don’t know. They are both pretty tough.

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It’s not well defined what one means by letting faith ‘guide’ decisions. On one hand, it’s silly and impossible to think that decisions can be made somehow in a vacuum related to one’s moral values. OTOH, JFK said it best when he said that he wanted to be the president for all Americans, not just catholic Americans.

Fair and Balanced Al Gore, who certainly has no axe to grind with this president, says in Assault on Reason that George Bush’s multiple refusals to use evidence in his decision making is the result of his extrmeme right wing ideology that operate from a position of certainty found only in fanatics. Gore says that people have it backwards. What has happened is that Bush has taken his extreme right wing ideology to the point of making a political faction into a religion.

Of course, Gore & I are both religious, so we’d like to think that is the way things are rolling.


Really? I’m not much through Harris’s book, but it sure seems that he has the opposite construction. Doesn’t Harris attribute dogmatic refusal to consider science to being religious? I think Gore’s point is that Bush & Co. have made their political positions dogmatic to the point that it is a religion.

Harris is a much easier read. I’m listening to Gore on CD and do find myself thinking everyone in a while, “Yes, I understand, you’re very smart.”

Ahh, I think I misread your point about Gore, I thought you were using “Bush’s extreme right-wing ideology” as a synonym for “religious right”, which I think is a related mindset, but not perfectly equatable.

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