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From time to time, it is good to go on record when something is not evil. YouTube Clip.

A man introducing John McCain said that John McCain will be the hero of his his kids, saying, “You can have your Tiger Woods, we have John McCain.” He is obviously saying that John McCain is a real hero as compared to the most obvious choice of a sports hero today. He is not making some reference to Obama. Is he saying Obama is just a Tiger Woods? That makes no sense; the only issue wrt to Woods is whether he is the greatest person at his craft now, or of all time.

It was an unfortunate choice. And may reveal some subconscious comparison of the few famous Black people this guys knows. (Although, frankly, who else would you name as a sports hero this days? Ely Manning?)

BTW, strategywise, I hope Obama says nothing about this. McCain has been upset because Obama’s people, not Obama himself, apologized about an Obama supporter calling McCain a warmonger. (What exactly is a warmonger, and why isn’t John McCain one?) There is nothing here, but a shrugging Obama is the way to make the most mileage out of this non-issue.

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Wow. I have no idea how you see that and make it racist. I think it’s strange to even have it in the news in that context, and by Keith Olberman who is a sports guy himself.

No, when you’re trying to make the distinction now between a real hero and a sports hero, which I think is clearly fair in this case — McCain has quite a bio in that sense — you couldn’t choose anyone more appropriate than Tiger Woods. He is the sports hero right now.

Someone who makes that racist would criticize the speaker for not recognizing the greatness of our black athletes if he had chosen Eli Manning as his sports hero.

Olberman said something like, “McCain spoke for 15 minutes and never referenced the statement…” Well of course not, I can’t imagine it ever entered his head.

Are we really going to make McCain tell all of his supporters never to refer to any black person ever? That would be horrendously destructive.

The leftist talk radio host changed it to “they can have their Tiger Woods, but we’ve got John McCain.” That is starting to sound racist, although again, the comparison between the most exciting political figure of my lifetime with the most exciting sports figure of my lifetime, probably not something a Republican activist wants to do. But, more importantly, it is not what the guy said. “You can keep your n****r, but we’ve got John McCain,” would be racist too, but maybe its not fair to require John McCain to apologize for that, since, you know, it wasn’t what the guy said.

BTW, I really don’t think the candidates are responsible for every word uttered by someone announcing them. Answering for politicians in your party who support you, okay. Answering for mentors, sure, as long as we remember that mentors are not the same as the candidate. But, answering for every numbnuts that announces you at a speech, is stupid.

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