Num. 11-13 (stories)

This passage contains the story of God getting angry and sending down fire on the outskirts of camp, but stopping when Moses asked him to.  Num. 11:1-3.  The people craving meat and asking why Moses led them away from that sweet, sweet Egyptian cuisine.  So, God blew a bunch of quail from the sea into the wilderness for them to eat.  But then it made God mad they were so bitchy, so he sent a plague and a bunch of them died.  Num. 11:4-35.  Then Aaron & Miriam got jealous of Moses so God cause Miriam to have leprosy for like seven days.  Num. 12.  Then after moving into the wilderness of Param, they send spies into the Promised Land, but only Caleb still wants to go get it.  The others are all, “ooh, they are giants, and ooh, their cities are strong, and ooh, the land is already inhabited by other people.”  Num. 13.

This thing of God acquiescing to the will of the people, but then holding it against them is weird, but at the same time kind of reflects the way the world wants.  I really want to do something that is bad for me, often I find a way to do it, but it’s no less bad for me.

I dig the Nephilim coming back–but only in English, the Spanish translators leave the term out.  I also dig the origins of cool biblical names.  Caleb & Joshua are popular.  Nobody is naming their kid Igal–the spy from the tribe of Issachar–‘cuz he was terrible.

We’ve had little peaks at Joshua.  He was renamed Joshua, from Hoshea, by Moses. New names are big deals, amiright?  And he comes from the tribe of Ephraim, one of the tribes of Joseph.  So, we kind of spread it around.  Joseph is great, and one of his descendants will conquer the Promise Land.  Judah, not a bad house with David, Solomon, and Jesus.  And who can forget Levi, with the whole Moses, Aaron & Miriam thing.

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